Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Do You Know Me ??

Do you really know me ?? do you really remember that you met me one day ?? i hope so .

Please if you really know me tell me what did you admire in my character ? strange question is it ?? no it is not because when you know what do i want form this question you will search for an answer so badly .

do you want to know the reason for this question and for this request ?? Ok i will but please not be surprised . I'm searching for myself guys , i'm searching for the best version of myself So , i'm asking you to tell me how can you see me ?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just Wanna Say Hi

I will begin my talk as we are in the middle of talk , but i just wanna say hello for everyone of you , i was absent for along time ago , don't ask why and where because of course you don't want to know what happened during this long period , just welcome back everyone , i miss to write so much , you can't imagine how i miss to write my thoughts , anything happened in my life , write about everything and anything .

nowadays , i'm reading in a book called 'rejal 7awl al rasoul' , it shows Al sa7abah and what they made for Islam and their sacrifices , it's really a very good book , with every character i stop and say 'where are we ??' , where are we from what happened in Jerusalem , where are we from the Islam , what shall we do to make a little difference in this Ummah , believe me everyone in the book , every character of them has the same trust on allah , the same target , the same intention for this Ummah and for Prophet Mohammed they have a wonderful determination and spirit.

I have no answer for my question which i'm asking myself about all the time 'where are we ?' , Our Ummah was a the best civilization you can face in the world . but what we are now ?? , i don't want to Frustrates anyone of you , i just wanna answer for my question .
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