Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Forgive ?? or NOT ??

Did you try to forgive one make your life a painful one before ?? did you ? if you did tell me how can you forgive this person ? how can you forget all the pain which you still suffer ? how can you ?

I have two persons i can't forgive them till now ? i can't forgive them however i'm not used to be this person with a heart like this , but they who make me this person , they teach me alot of things , the first thing and the important one is , don't love or trust anyone , don't be like i was , i'm not the person who was in last , i'm a very bad version of myself now , because of them , because of me , because of alot and alot of circumstances ..

In the last , in a time i know more than any other time i was a good one , at least i was laughing , everyone in this time noticed that i was different to the best . how am i now ??

I know i'm walking in the wrong path , even i know some good people but they were good ones also , but i can't forget all my pains .. really i can't .

Back to my first question .. did you forgive anyone in your life who makes you the worst version of yourself ??

Monday, April 5, 2010

Alex Trip

Last Friday , me and some of my friends went to Alex with university trip , regardless the headache we suffer in the transports, we spent four hours in Alex , the best four hours in the trip .. we arrived there at 1:00 PM , in el m3mora then we decide to go to 'syede beshr :D ' , i love this place very much as i used to go there with my family,all my happy memories are there .. we went there , went to my lovely beach , my lovely place , my lovely memories , i remembered all the best in my last when i was young , when all my interest was how can i spent my time on the sea and playing with the water .

Anyway , we went there and play in the sea shoya :d and take more and more photos for our memories and the important thing is we got alot of 'friska' as i like it so so much .

The eating time come , what is the best place for this in Alex ?? mmmm .. of course it's 'blba3' , we got lost of course but at last we arrived there , it's an amazing place , in its view , its food , its everything .. i really enjoyed this food .

After that we went back to the group to come back to Cairo .

I told you about the best hours in the trip , i don't want to tell you about the other time which was disgusting :D , i just told you about the time i like in the trip , the time with my true and lovely friends .

Finally , I loved this moments so much my friends , i hope you enjoyed it too , i wished all our friends were with us but we can do it another time ISA .

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Do You Know Me ??

Do you really know me ?? do you really remember that you met me one day ?? i hope so .

Please if you really know me tell me what did you admire in my character ? strange question is it ?? no it is not because when you know what do i want form this question you will search for an answer so badly .

do you want to know the reason for this question and for this request ?? Ok i will but please not be surprised . I'm searching for myself guys , i'm searching for the best version of myself So , i'm asking you to tell me how can you see me ?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just Wanna Say Hi

I will begin my talk as we are in the middle of talk , but i just wanna say hello for everyone of you , i was absent for along time ago , don't ask why and where because of course you don't want to know what happened during this long period , just welcome back everyone , i miss to write so much , you can't imagine how i miss to write my thoughts , anything happened in my life , write about everything and anything .

nowadays , i'm reading in a book called 'rejal 7awl al rasoul' , it shows Al sa7abah and what they made for Islam and their sacrifices , it's really a very good book , with every character i stop and say 'where are we ??' , where are we from what happened in Jerusalem , where are we from the Islam , what shall we do to make a little difference in this Ummah , believe me everyone in the book , every character of them has the same trust on allah , the same target , the same intention for this Ummah and for Prophet Mohammed they have a wonderful determination and spirit.

I have no answer for my question which i'm asking myself about all the time 'where are we ?' , Our Ummah was a the best civilization you can face in the world . but what we are now ?? , i don't want to Frustrates anyone of you , i just wanna answer for my question .
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