Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Do You Know Me ??

Do you really know me ?? do you really remember that you met me one day ?? i hope so .

Please if you really know me tell me what did you admire in my character ? strange question is it ?? no it is not because when you know what do i want form this question you will search for an answer so badly .

do you want to know the reason for this question and for this request ?? Ok i will but please not be surprised . I'm searching for myself guys , i'm searching for the best version of myself So , i'm asking you to tell me how can you see me ?


Yasmen R. El-Shaa'rawy said...

*u* as *u* define it! Not as others do!!
U put the definition, others accept it.. or not.. it's up to them.. but bgd, it's aaaaaaall about U

so, how Ge defines Ge?? :)

GE said...

I know that , but image that a person has amnesia and he ask people around him who know him actually to tell him who is he ?? do you catch this ??

i know that i'm the person who has the right to define 'Me' but in case of amnesia i don't think so

Angelus said...

You don't suffer amnesia ...
I still believe that you didn't change or lost anything... conditions around you changed ...U is already defining U ... you just don't have the chance to see the reality of you...take it easy :)

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