Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Forgive ?? or NOT ??

Did you try to forgive one make your life a painful one before ?? did you ? if you did tell me how can you forgive this person ? how can you forget all the pain which you still suffer ? how can you ?

I have two persons i can't forgive them till now ? i can't forgive them however i'm not used to be this person with a heart like this , but they who make me this person , they teach me alot of things , the first thing and the important one is , don't love or trust anyone , don't be like i was , i'm not the person who was in last , i'm a very bad version of myself now , because of them , because of me , because of alot and alot of circumstances ..

In the last , in a time i know more than any other time i was a good one , at least i was laughing , everyone in this time noticed that i was different to the best . how am i now ??

I know i'm walking in the wrong path , even i know some good people but they were good ones also , but i can't forget all my pains .. really i can't .

Back to my first question .. did you forgive anyone in your life who makes you the worst version of yourself ??

Monday, April 5, 2010

Alex Trip

Last Friday , me and some of my friends went to Alex with university trip , regardless the headache we suffer in the transports, we spent four hours in Alex , the best four hours in the trip .. we arrived there at 1:00 PM , in el m3mora then we decide to go to 'syede beshr :D ' , i love this place very much as i used to go there with my family,all my happy memories are there .. we went there , went to my lovely beach , my lovely place , my lovely memories , i remembered all the best in my last when i was young , when all my interest was how can i spent my time on the sea and playing with the water .

Anyway , we went there and play in the sea shoya :d and take more and more photos for our memories and the important thing is we got alot of 'friska' as i like it so so much .

The eating time come , what is the best place for this in Alex ?? mmmm .. of course it's 'blba3' , we got lost of course but at last we arrived there , it's an amazing place , in its view , its food , its everything .. i really enjoyed this food .

After that we went back to the group to come back to Cairo .

I told you about the best hours in the trip , i don't want to tell you about the other time which was disgusting :D , i just told you about the time i like in the trip , the time with my true and lovely friends .

Finally , I loved this moments so much my friends , i hope you enjoyed it too , i wished all our friends were with us but we can do it another time ISA .

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Do You Know Me ??

Do you really know me ?? do you really remember that you met me one day ?? i hope so .

Please if you really know me tell me what did you admire in my character ? strange question is it ?? no it is not because when you know what do i want form this question you will search for an answer so badly .

do you want to know the reason for this question and for this request ?? Ok i will but please not be surprised . I'm searching for myself guys , i'm searching for the best version of myself So , i'm asking you to tell me how can you see me ?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just Wanna Say Hi

I will begin my talk as we are in the middle of talk , but i just wanna say hello for everyone of you , i was absent for along time ago , don't ask why and where because of course you don't want to know what happened during this long period , just welcome back everyone , i miss to write so much , you can't imagine how i miss to write my thoughts , anything happened in my life , write about everything and anything .

nowadays , i'm reading in a book called 'rejal 7awl al rasoul' , it shows Al sa7abah and what they made for Islam and their sacrifices , it's really a very good book , with every character i stop and say 'where are we ??' , where are we from what happened in Jerusalem , where are we from the Islam , what shall we do to make a little difference in this Ummah , believe me everyone in the book , every character of them has the same trust on allah , the same target , the same intention for this Ummah and for Prophet Mohammed they have a wonderful determination and spirit.

I have no answer for my question which i'm asking myself about all the time 'where are we ?' , Our Ummah was a the best civilization you can face in the world . but what we are now ?? , i don't want to Frustrates anyone of you , i just wanna answer for my question .

Thursday, February 5, 2009


كتير مننا حس بالوحدة
بس صعب اوى ان الواحد يحس بالوحدة وسط الناس
ايا كان الناس دى بتحبه ولا لا
بس بتحس بالوحدة
بتحس ان مهما كان الناس حواليك فانت لوحدك
كأنك عايش فى ملكوت تانى
الاحساس بالوحدة حاجة صعبة
بس الاصعب منه انك تبقى مضطر تبقى لوحدك
انه يبقى مفروض عليك تبقى لوحدك
حتى لو الدنيا كلها حواليك
ساعات الوحدة بتبقى كويسة بين وقت للتانى
بس مش طول الوقت
الوحدة صعبة اوى
اوعوا تتعودوا عليها

Monday, February 2, 2009

Only Questions ?? !!

Dear Void

I just wanna to send questions to the void

why all the dreams become a nightmare

Why all what you don't want to be happened occured

Why you have to accept fait accompli

Why you have to be strong when you actually weak more than anytime

Why you have to be happy when you have a great pain inside yourself

Why you have to live when all what you want live for is gone

Why all of that happened

I know there is no answers .. there are only questions

So, No One has the right to blam

No One has the right to talk

No One has the right to say any rubbish

No one has the right to make anything

Because there is no such a thing can anyone stand

Because No one can feel the suffer

I just wanna to send this questions to the void

So,Good Bye Dear void

There is no answers to my questions

It is just the destiny


You will be in a great Silence

Silence for the rest of your life

Because you are actually dead however,you still breathing

Sunday, February 1, 2009

هو وهى

اكيد فى ناس كتير مهتمة بعلاقة الراجل والست

انا مش قصدى الزمالة بين الاتنين لانها فى الاخر كل واحد بيبقى عارف اخره مع التانى ايه

انا قصدى ايه اللى بيدور عليه كل واحد منهم فى التانى ؟؟
ازاى لما يجى حد يدق الباب نعرف ان هو ده فعلا مش اى حد غيره ؟؟


قبل كده كنت متخيلة الجواز ده يعنى اهو جواز وخلاص

اى واحد بيروح يتقدم لاى واحدة وبيحصل نصيب وخلاص

لكن بعد كده بدات الدنيا فى دماغى تاخد شكل تانى خالص

الاتنين دول هيبنوا حياة جديدة مش مجرد بيت وخلاص
هيبنوها سوا .. واى حاجة هيعملوها هيبقى الاتنين متفقين عليها

سبحان الله ربنا قال فى كده "وجعلنا بينهم مودة ورحمة"

وقال كمان"وجعلنا بينكم ميثاقا غليظا"
علاقة الاتنين ببعض مش كأى علاقة تانية


مش عارفة بس انا شايفة ان اى بيت لازم يقوم على حاجتين مهمين جدا

هما اللى هيجيبوا بقية الحاجات

الحب والدين

لما يبقى الاتنين مقومين حياتهم على الحب والدين

الحياة دى هتبقى ما هو اقرب للاعتدال

واى حاجة تانية ممكن تيجى طالما الحياة مبنية على الاساس ده


اكيد طبعا فى ناس كده

بس اكتر مثال للاتنين ممكن يكون علق معايا عندهم نفس التصور اللى بتكلم فيه ده فى مسلسل يوميات ونيس لو تعرفوه

ونيس ومراته كان بينهم حب وهدف و تفاهم غريب

حتى فى اول المسلسل كان فى جملة انا تقريبا حفظاها عن ظهر قلب

"اتفقت انا وزوجتى ان نربي ابنائنا على الاخلاق والقيم كى نقدمهم للمجتمع ابا عظيما واما فاضلة"

-->اتفقت انا وزوجتى<--

ياه لما الاتنين يبقوا متفاهمين كده وعندهم نفس الهدف وبينهم الحب

اللى يخليهم قادرين يقفوا قدام اى حاجة فى الدنيا مهما كانت صعبة

طالما ان الاتنين سوا ومقتنعين ببعض تمام الاقتناع


زمان كنت متخيلة ان لازم وحتما ولابد ان البنى ادم اللى يجى ده لازم

يبقى جاهز

فيه كل حاجة انا حطاه فى البنى ادم اللى عايزة اكمل معاه

لكن اكتشفت بعد كده انه مش لازم يبقى كده
ممكن يبقى تفصيل
اه لازم يبقى فيه الصفات الاساسية اللى انا عايزاها
والباقى هنقدر نكمله سوا


فى الاخر عايزة اقول ان العلاقة بين الرجل والست محدش عمره هيفهمها
بكل جوانبها
بس كل واحد ممكن يقع فى حدوتة تفهمه ولو جزء من العلاقة دى
بس عارفين .. لما تلاقوا حد بيحبكوا اوعوا تتخلوا عنه
عشان ممكن متلاقوش زيه تانى
حد تبقى قدامه بمظهر وبوش غير مظهرك ووشك قدام اى حد تانى
حد تبقى قدامه كانك قدام نفسك فى المراية

يلا فاصل ونواصل

مع تحياتى
مواطنة مطحونة ومجنونة
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