Monday, April 5, 2010

Alex Trip

Last Friday , me and some of my friends went to Alex with university trip , regardless the headache we suffer in the transports, we spent four hours in Alex , the best four hours in the trip .. we arrived there at 1:00 PM , in el m3mora then we decide to go to 'syede beshr :D ' , i love this place very much as i used to go there with my family,all my happy memories are there .. we went there , went to my lovely beach , my lovely place , my lovely memories , i remembered all the best in my last when i was young , when all my interest was how can i spent my time on the sea and playing with the water .

Anyway , we went there and play in the sea shoya :d and take more and more photos for our memories and the important thing is we got alot of 'friska' as i like it so so much .

The eating time come , what is the best place for this in Alex ?? mmmm .. of course it's 'blba3' , we got lost of course but at last we arrived there , it's an amazing place , in its view , its food , its everything .. i really enjoyed this food .

After that we went back to the group to come back to Cairo .

I told you about the best hours in the trip , i don't want to tell you about the other time which was disgusting :D , i just told you about the time i like in the trip , the time with my true and lovely friends .

Finally , I loved this moments so much my friends , i hope you enjoyed it too , i wished all our friends were with us but we can do it another time ISA .

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Aya Raafat El Gebeely said...

Wish I could have been with you GE, really miss you all :) , next time I'll be with you isAllah :D, but without the adventures part you had in the end of the day ;)

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